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DeployPRO - Django Sample

This free sample can be used to test the deployment for a simple Django project.

👉 DeployPRO Django Sample - source code

How to use it

This Django sample is provided with Docker support, the only input expected by DeployPRO service.

FROM python:3.9-slim-buster
COPY ./requirements.txt /app
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
COPY . .

# Start Server
CMD ["gunicorn", "--config", "", "core.wsgi"]

The above Dockerfile does the following:

  • Pull the Image for Python, version 3.9
  • Install the dependencies
  • Expose the port 5000
  • Starts the project via Gunicorn WSGI Server

This setup can be tested in a local workstation by cloning the sources from GitHub and type:

$ docker-compose up --build

In order to have a succesfull deployment, DeployPRO needs to know:

  • the path to the Dockerfile
    • for this sample is ./Dockerfile
  • the external port
    • for this sample is 5000 (EXPOSE directive)

Once the above input is provided by the user, DeployPRO should operate the deployment without issues.

✅ Resources

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