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AWS - Connecting on DeployPRO

AWS can be one of your preferred cloud providers for deploying your application. You have the option to utilize this service and link it to your DeployPRO account to easily deploy your application. To set up AWS integration, you'll need to authenticate with AWS. You'll only need to do this once for your DeployPRO account.

Connection - Connect to AWS​

Here are the steps to connect:

  1. In the Connection Menu, click Connect in the AWS section.

    DeployPRO - Connect to AWS

  1. Copy and paste your access key and secrete key from the *.csv file you just downloaded on the form provided.

    DeployPRO - AWS Credentials Form

    🌐 Don't forget to select the nearest server to your place to make the performance work better!

  1. Click β€œConnect” and wait until the process is finished.

    DeployPRO - Fill out AWS Form

  1. Upon success, the view will look like the picture below.

    DeployPRO - AWS Service is Connected

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