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AWS - Generate Credentials

This page explains how to optain the Access and Secret KEY for an AWS account and later use them to deploy your application on GitHub repository using DeployPRO service.

Access keys consist of an access key ID and a secret access key, which are used to sign programmatic requests that you make to AWS. For better security, AWS recommends using IAM access keys instead of AWS root account access keys.

Create Acces Key and Secret Key

  1. Still, in the IAM dashboard, locate and click on Users in the left-hand navigation pane. This will display a list of IAM users in your account.

  2. Identify the IAM user for whom you want to create an Access Key and click on their username in the user list.

  3. Within the IAM user details, navigate to the Security credentials tab. This tab is where you manage various security settings for the selected user.

  4. Under the Access keys section, click on the Create access key button.

  5. Complete the step!

    Step 1: Access key best practices & alternatives

    Select Command Line Interface (CLI). Don't forget to tick the confirmation checkbox before clicking Next.

    Step 2: Set description tag - optional

    This step is optional, you can directly click Create Access Key.

    Step 3: Retrive access key

    This picture below is how it looks when the Access Key and Secrete Key is created completely.

    AWS Access Key and Secrete Key - DeployPRO Service

  1. Download the Access Key and Secret Key CSV file using the Download .csv file button. Ensure you save this file securely, as the Secret Key will not be shown again.

⚠️ Security Alert

Treat Access Keys and Secret Keys as sensitive information. Avoid sharing them publicly or hardcoding them into your applications. Instead, use AWS-recommended practices like environment variables or AWS-specific configuration files to securely manage these credentials.

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